CWP aims at providing the best possible experience to both sys.admins, as well as end users who need an interface to interact with the server.

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Free & PRO Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

CWP is a World Leading advanced Free and PRO web hosting panel that gives you all the flexibility to effectively and efficiently manage your server and clients. Now with CWP Secure Kernel providing the highest possible security level for your server.

What We Present ?

Control Web Panel is a free modern and intuitive control panel for servers and VPS that enables the day to day management and their security easy. Considerations were taken into account through the development of the web panel in terms of security functionalities and the interface.

The software in its entirety will remain free for use so as to be available to a wider audience as possible.

Believe in our Vision:

  • Nothing is Impossible!

    We believe that nothing is impossible. we know that there can be a great control panel that is also free. Most people equate free with bad. Not with us.

  • The best Control Web Panel

    We hope to make CWP the best possible option of web panel, that even surpasses the currently available paid versions.

  • Most Affordable tool.

    We hope to have CWP as the Most affordable web panel even for hosting providers.

As it is, control web panel has not achieved 25% of its intended goals. It is still a journey that needs traveling. CWP will always be a free and community driven product. We work hard to innovate and improve the functionalities and features of Control web-panel.
We offer some More comfort with CWPpro which you can totally do without but we recommend. and also, We offer premium support plans that ensure your server is fully maintained


By providing CWP for free, we hope to make it the number one choice for most people looking for a solution to host their websites, or for a new web hosting as well as existing web hosting companies.


In order to continue building CWP to be an innovative software solution, that can be able to scale, we offer an option of professional support for users who need it, guaranteeing support for users of the software.

Growth Goals

For continuous growth as well as the Free nature, CWP introduces a modules marketplace where we invite developers and organizations to develop modules for CWP. The modules will be either paid or free modules depending on the developers, and will only be offered to pro users.

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Control Web Panel – an AI powered Free Web Hosting control panel designed for quick and easy management of (Dedicated & VPS) as well as offering an intuitive and modern interface for users, as a web hosting panel. CWP is now powered by our custom CWP Secure Kernel which has the highest security for WebHosting servers.



With Minimum system requirements of 1 GB RAM for a 64bit system, CWP is a highly performant system that is lenient on system resources, thus being an effective solution for server administration.
If you are looking for Speed then CWP is the best choice.


The general design of CWP follows a modern and intuitive look that feels nice and responsive, as well as being simple to use. That is the general philosophy of design we will maintain.


More innovative features and functions of the system will be handled by add-ons. which will make CWP a compelling platform to use and improve upon through custom features and functions.




Years in Development




Servers Running CWP


Dedication 100%
Support 98%
Goal Achieved 18%

It Is A Great control web panel Built Specially For You!

It’s not just a Web Panel.

Using CWPPro with the best Linux Webpanel has its advantages. You get more security features, as well as frequent updates and patches.

CWP is a fully supported Control Panel, that is committed to offering the best support. Compared to other control Panels that require you to pay for the panel and offer little to no support, We give you CWP for free and you can purchase a support plan that suits your needs.
By Purchasing a Support plan, you get dedicated support for most issues you may encounter on your server, as well as the Enterprise plans allows you to focus on your core job, which is selling hosting, and not Server management.


Control Web panel packs tons of features that are meant to make management and monitoring of your server and files much easier.
Built by system admins who understand how hard server management can be, CWP makes sure that the task becomes easy.


CWP Packs advanced email functions that allow you to handle emails internally or route them through an external mail server.
Managing Multiple email domains should never be a problem!


Control Web panel has an advanced DNS manager that makes the managing of domains and DNS records much easier. No need to have a secondary DNS management solution.

Great Product

The best that can be!
We strive to make CWP the best control panel for your web hosting, and system administration needs for your server.All features and functionalities, as well as the interface, has been carefully crafted to meet the highest standard before being released to the public.

Customization Available

Making awesome features
Contact us and we will add features and functionalities that are specific to your needs. We do not believe that all fits all, that is why we have a custom feature program that offers the flexibility to add customization to the system.

Premium Support Available

Support is key in any product
We understand that even with a free product, support may still be needed in some cases. Be it installations services, or hardening and fixing some challenges. Don’t worry, we are here to assist.



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